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My whole professional career has been conditioned by a single guiding thread: my passion for music. I’m Mikel Eceiza, the founder of Mecca Recording Studio; a project inseparably bound to my personal and professional interests.
I began my music education with music theory and piano, later going on to study the guitar. During that time, I played with a number of groups and hosted a radio programme where I could share and expand upon my music preferences.
A passionate lover of music, and of its electronic facet, I soon got the opportunity to merge both disciplines, taking my first steps in recording which felt like the natural next step in my career.
I was a computer studies student when I made my first recordings. Based on those experiences, I decided to take a closer look at digital recording, analogue audio and acoustic, by studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts and Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute in Madrid.

I later went on to train with different engineers, and must particularly mention my experience with Bruce Swedien, winner of numerous Grammy awards for his work as audio engineer with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.
Over the following years, I moved back and forth between Madrid and San Sebastian, working with companies in the audiovisual sector. This gave me the chance to collaborate with exceptional musicians, which is something that brought me tremendous personal and professional wealth.
Finally, I decided to open a new chapter in my career. I moved to San Sebastián to create Mecca Recording Studio with my brother and partner Igor, who looks after the other half of the project, making an excellent job of managing the studio to ensure that everything runs to perfection.
Today I work as an engineer and producer with just as much enthusiasm as I had on the first day. A dream come true driven by good vibrations with the firm intention to turn Mecca Recording Studio into a place of reference for musicians all over the world.


Like Mikel, I’m a great lover of music, a passion I was able to develop by studying music theory and piano. But my professional career continued along other paths. I soon felt myself being clearly drawn towards another of my great interests, attending to people, which led me to study Business Administration and Management, specialising in International Hotel Management.
I took my first steps in that sector, soaking up the taste for perfection and attention to detail in the UK. But undoubtedly the experience that marked me most was managing several hotels in Southeast Asia. The people in those countries taught me the importance of a smile, of excellence in dealing with customers and of ensuring that their needs were met.

As the manager and joint founding partner of Mecca Recording Studio, my main mission lies in making you feel at home, always listening to your needs and responding to them immediately, with exquisite British punctuality and a smile that will make all of your concerns disappear. I’ll look after you, making sure that you have everything you need to hand and as you like it, so that your stay with us is not only as productive as you would expect it to be but that it is also a unique experience and one to remember.